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Workshops & Events

fridays 19:00-20:00

crystal bowl & voice sound bath Journey 

With Andrea Roye

Andrea will guide a magical Sound Bath journey weaving together crystal singing bowls, vocals and percussion instruments, along with Light Language; a form of expression that bypasses the mind and communicates directly with the heart.

Sound healing is the application of sound through the voice and instruments to balance mind, body and spirit. Some people feel a sense of deep relaxation.


The session will begin with a brief introduction to sound healing and what to expect.  There will be an opening meditation and Andrea will lead you into a relaxed space, to allow yourself to be immersed in the sounds.


Towards the end of the session there will be approximately 5 minutes of silence during which the healing can take place. Andrea will then gently bring you out of the session using her voice, grounding you and bringing you back to full conscious awareness feeling relaxed and refreshed.


The sessions will require participants to simply relax and receive the sounds played, which can have a calming effect on the mind and body.


Contraindications - Please contact us if any of the below apply to you. 

First trimester of pregnancy


Pacemaker, or heart condition

Metal implants or plates in the body

1 Hour - £16.50

Future Dates

May 24th 19:00

June 28th 19:00

July 26th 19:00

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Full Moon Gong Baths

With Charlotte Donachie

Tonight’s Gong Bath is a strong, beautiful and soothing way to embrace the cosmic flavours and integrate growth and healing into the body, mind and spirit.


After becoming a practicing Astrologer in 2020, Charlotte chose to combine her work with Planetary Gongs and bring the powerful frequency of the Planets into form through this magnificent instrument. Following her training she was matched with Vesta, a Goddess Asteroid Gong that connects us to the sacred flame within and steers us towards our Sovereignty.


She now also works with Neptune and Uranus, combining sounds for a powerful and integrative sound journey. 

Gong frequencies help us to drop from the mind into the body, stabilising the nervous system and helping to release unwanted energies from our physiology. 

This is an evening of recalibration for the whole self. 

1 hour - £16.50


24/04 - 20:00

23/05 - 18:00

22/06 - 19:00

Journey To Rest

With Sunni & Annabel

Join Sunni and Annabel for a beautiful evening combining the healing of Reiki with Yoga Nidra. You will leave this session feeling peaceful, well rested and at one in Body and Mind.

This practice will begin with some gentle somatic movements to help the physical body unwind, release held tensions and feel prepared to come into a rested state.


We will then begin a Yoga Nidra practice guided by Sunni. This is a form of deep rest without the need for physical sleep, in a way it is a guided meditation for effortless relaxation. 


Yoga Nidra brings together the unconscious and conscious aspects of the mind, drawing us to a state of deep blissful awareness, we surf between wake and sleep landing the body into a state of homeostasis ( the bodies base level of natural equilibrium)

During the Yoga Nidra Annabel will spend time with each of you to give 1:1  Reiki healing.  Annabel will focus on specific Chakras (energy centres in our body) that will align with the evenings theme.


This session will focus on the Crown, Third Eye and Root chakra to help tap into our intuition and feel grounded and safe in ourselves.


You will leave the class floating, and have a little gift to take away with you to remind yourself of the session and how you felt. 


Due to the nature of the workshop the spaces are limited.


£26.00 per person 


9/05 - Booking Open

13/06 - Booking Open

11/07 - Booking Open

Thursdays 18:00-19:30

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Energy Aligned :
A Chakra Series

With Sunni & Annabel

Join Sunni & Annabel for a Chakra balancing practice, combining yoga and crystal healing to energetically align your Chakras.

Each session will focus on a particular Chakra, starting with   the Root (Muladhara) through the whole Chakra system to the Crown (Sahasrara) over the 7 individual sessions.

Each session will begin in circle where you will be invited to choose a crystal that connects to the Chakra energy and will support your practice.
You will then take your chosen crystal home with you after the session.

You’ll be guided through a Chakra meditation, helping you to connect deeper which will then lead into a Hatha Flow yoga practice. The practice has been specifically chosen to deeper connect to the Chakra space and work with the energy of the specific Chakra so you can fully embody the experience.

The Yoga practice will close with a long relaxation, during which, Sunni and Annabel will spend time with each person to give 1:1 crystal healing, while you soften into a state of deep rest.

To close there will be Teas and snacks available and plenty of time to gather in circle and chat with the group.

What is crystal healing ? 
Crystal healing is a form of non-invasive energy healing using specific crystals depending on the session. Crystals may be placed on or around you and may involve some very gentle touch from the practitioner so that they can tune into your energy and intuitively select the right crystals for you. You may also have crystal healing with absolutely no touch if you prefer.


2 hours - £30.00 

Includes practice, tea, snack and crystal to take home. 

Please let us know if you have any allergies. 

04/05 - Sacral 
15/06 - Solar Plexus 
03/08 - Heart 
14/09 - Throat 
02/11 - Third Eye
14/12 - Crown

11:15 - 13:15

Soul Nourishing
Sound Bath

With Lou Marie

Friday  10th May 19:00-20:00

 💫 Taurus  💫

Embrace the season of Taurus, a period for grounding and nurturing the body's energies and tending to our inner garden.

We'll initiate our journey with a guided meditation, connecting with our inner-self, our inner world, planting seeds of intention.

Before gently transition into a tranquil state, cradled in the harmonious vibrations of reiki-infused crystal quartz singing bowls.

Immerse yourself in the layers of soothing sound, realigning your body and mind with each resonating note. It's the ultimate fusion of nourishment and nurturing to gracefully drift you into a serene slumber ☁️💫

1 hour-  £16.50 


Yin Unwind
& Sound Bath

With Sunni & Lou

Join Sunni & Lou to enjoy a dreamy evening to restore & deeply relax your whole being, bathe in the beautiful healing vibrations and unwind with Yin Yoga. 


The evening will begin with a deeply soothing Yin Yoga practice, where the emphasis will be heavily on relaxation, each Yin pose gently guiding you into your body, allowing room for the mind to quieten while you drift deeper into a restful state. 


The Yin practice will draw to a close and seamlessly melt into a beautiful Sound bath with Lou, Channelling Reiki’s loving energy through pure crystal quartz singing bowls, you will journey through the multiple layers of sound until your body & mind gently drifts off to a sleepy magical state.


The perfect blend of nourishment & nurturing to bring the week to a close. 


2 hours - £30.00 per person

Sunday 5th May 18:00-20:00

Floating Sound & Savasana

With Jess & Lou

Fridays 18:30-20:00

31st May 
21st June 
19th July 

Join Jess & Lou for an evening of relaxation, floating in our Aerial Hammocks and immersed in deeply soothing sound. 


The session will begin with a series of gentle gyrokinetic movements that will soothe, restore and repair the body, these movements will help to balance the nervous system and draw you deeper into a relaxed state. 


The hammocks provide you an opportunity to become weightless, to experience zero compression on the joints and to feel held and supported. 


Jess will incorporate mindful breath practices and visualisations to enhance body awareness and guide you deeper into the self.
The restorative Aerial practice will lead into your floating Savasana where Lou will begin to take you on a deeply nourishing Sound Journey. 


Channelling Reiki’s loving energy through pure crystal quartz singing bowls, Lou will take you through  you will  the multiple layers of sound until your body & mind gently drifts off to a sleepy magical state.


Spaces are limited due to the number of hammocks.

1.5 Hours - £26.00

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Find Your Flow :
Vinyasa Workshop

With Saskia & Marcus

Sunday  5th May 10:00 - 13:00

A Vinyasa sequence is regularly featured in our yoga classes and yet we don’t often take the time to stop and break down each pose within it. Dogs? Chaturangas? Baby Cobra? Utta-what?


It can all be super confusing if you’re not really sure what you’re meant to be doing. Even if you’re a seasoned yogi, have you ever actually broken down each posture within a Sun Salutation in more detail? 


This 3 hour interactive workshop will include:

- A short energising Vinyasa practice

- A breakdown of the foundational postures within a Sun Salutation 

- An overview of basic anatomy

- Modifications or adjustments to fit your body’s needs and abilities

- How to use props effectively

- How to link movement with breath and smooth out the transitions from one posture into the next (enabling you to find more flow)

- Plenty of opportunity to ask questions and open up discussion

3 Hours - £40.00

Yang To Yin :
Immersive Practice

With Saskia & Marcus

Sunday  12th May 16:00 - 18:00

Join Marcus and Saskia in this extra special yoga class where you will be lead through the full energetic spectrum, starting with a dynamic and warming Vinyasa practice and gradually transitioning towards a relaxing and cooling Yin sequence, incorporating pranayama (breathing) techniques and guided meditation along the way for a deeply immersive experience. 


The aim of this practice is:

- To give you an opportunity to feel the power of both yang and yin energies.

- To understand how these two energies compliment one another and synergise to create a whole. 

- To create more harmony between these two energies within your own body and mind, leaving you feeling balanced and restored.


All levels welcome! 

2 Hours - £30.00


Chakra Wand Workshop

With Sunni & Annabel

Sunday  19th May 15:00 - 17:00

Join Sunni & Annabel to design and create your very own Chakra Wand, amongst likeminded people and with plenty of herbal tea !

This is an insightful, fun and creative workshop to help you deeper connect to the magic of crystals, Crystal Healing is something both Sunni & Bel are passionate about and wish to share this magic with you.

This afternoon gives you the opportunity to create your very own healing tool.

Chakra wands can be used during meditation to help you to connect to your own energy and channel it to the chakras that are need of some extra attention.

They are a great tool for giving yourself a chakra balance if you’re feeling a little out of sorts and not 100% yourself! Everyone will leave the workshop with their very own wand, hand created by you with our guidance.

You will get to chose from a variety of crystals for each chakra element on your wand, so it will be bespoke to you. We use selenite as the base as this is a very cleansing crystal and it will help to bring calming energies to you as you use the wand.

During the session, with tea in hand, we will talk about chakra wands and how to use them and the benefits of them as healing tools.

We will share with you the different ways in which you can programme each crystal to work with your intention.

Once the wands have been created, There will be a guided Chakra meditation to close the workshop, during this you can utilise your beautiful new Wand and further connect to the crystals energies.

Spaces are limited to ensure we can offer a cosy environment and offer individual guidance to each person

2 Hours - £35.00

Nervous System Reset :
An Hour of Deep Relaxation

With Saskia Morris

Wednesday  22nd May 20:00 - 21:00

Join Saskia for an immersive hour of deep relaxation featuring very gentle movement, breath-work and a guided yoga nidra. Perfect for alleviating stress and anxiety, down-regulating the nervous system and helping you to move towards a calmer and more peaceful state of being.


Everyone welcome.

No previous experience required. 

1 hour - £14.00

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Sunday 2nd June 16:30-18:00

Psychedelic Breath®️ Workshop

With Emma Epton

Use your breath to explore your purpose.

Tap into your natural power and reach a state of Non-Ordinary Consciousness.

Clear out mental, emotional and physical blockages.

Change the story of your past, open up to a new future by releasing limiting beliefs and tap into the only source of knowing who you are: your heart.

**Please do not book this workshop if any of the following apply to you.


+ pregnancy

+ cardiovascular / heart disease + high blood pressure

+ a history of stroke + epilepsy

+ clinical anxiety disorder / panic attacks + psychosis + recent surgery (broken bones, wounds)

+ high inner eye pressure (glaucoma) + detached


£26.00 per person.

Soulful Sunday :
Rest & Restore

With Ruth 

Sunday  9th June 17:30 - 19:00

Relax & Restore

Restorative Yoga is a restful practice, that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching.

It is a practice of deep relaxation that emphasises the meditative aspect of yoga.
Through the use of props for support many of the postures are held almost entirely effortlessly.
When the body enters a state of relaxation the mind can also consciously relax and tension is released from both body & mind.

What to expect:
Restorative practice with essential oils and hands on adjustments & massage.
Finishing with a yoga Nidra, an effortless guided yoga relaxation & meditation.

*hands on massage is not essential, you can still join this session if you would prefer to not be touched, please just let Ruth know.

1.5 hours £26.00


Yoga & Nature Lunch

With Sunni & Lou

Sunday  30th June 10:00 - 15:00

Join us at The Flower Farm Denstroude for a delightful Sunday full of yoga & creativity. 

This event will be hosted at the Flower Farm Denstroude, just a short drive from our Studio.
We are happy to help navigate car sharing if needed too. Please arrive for a 10am prompt start. 


What it includes ; 


✨Morning Yoga Practice with Sunni

✨Outdoor Sound Bath with Lou

✨Vegetarian Brunch 

✨Flower Picking on the flower farm 

✨Flower arranging master class with Angie


The Yoga practice will be suited to all levels of experience so beginners are absolutely welcome. 

You will leave with a beautiful bunch of flowers, wonderful memories and full of wonderful summer energy. 


Please Note

- Please bring your own Yoga mat, if you do not have one, please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange one for you. 

- You may also wish to bring a blanket for the sound bath.

- Some of the food on offer will be naturally vegan, but please do let us know if you are vegan so we can make sure there are plenty of choices for you too. 

- Please do let us know of any allergies.


The Flower Farm address ;

Bradbourne Cottages,
Denstroude Ln,


Price per person is £75.00

(Monthly members will receive a 10% discount at checkout)

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